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Mulloway minister of state for children and early years Chris Grayling says it can be a "sad" reality that many parents have "lost their moral compass".

And he urged parents to be "aware of the risks of what might be happening" to children and asked if it was right they should "be held to ransom".

He added: "We are always making life better for children, but the reality is they are in desperate situations and we need to take some responsibility to put people back in their places."

Mulloway was responding to calls for the government to provide more support for parents, but has previously backed up remarks by Lord Brittan that support is available "when the circumstances of the child, the family situation and the need require it".

He said: "I think the people who are asking for more, they are missing the point."

"We need to focus on the vulnerable people, which is why I think it is wrong for our government to be asking people in government, to make them pay for it.

"The state pays the bill.

"It is only the taxpayers' money that is available to support the vulnerable people."

Lord Brittan last month said the ВЈ1bn for childcare services would "probably help half of a child" by 2020.

The government was due to publish plans for ВЈ7.5bn worth of cuts over the next five years with schools and universities set to suffer the biggest blow.
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Dairy farmers not making a cent from the dairy industry," he said.

"It is up to farmers to have confidence in their dairy product when consumers are buying from them."

In the lead-up to the referendum Mr Adams raised concerns that the Government's anti-dairy policy will cost the dairy industry tens of millions of dollars in annual investment.

He said this will lead to a "substantial reduction" in the industry's income.

He told AAP: "We should be investing heavily in science and innovation to reduce costs and increase profit margins on all dairy products and products with a higher nutritional value."

Mr Adams said he would continue supporting the Government's proposed "sustainability target".

There have also been calls for Australia to join international efforts against the dairy industry.

Dr Phil Stenning, from the Australian Dairy Supporters' Group, called for the Government to "step up" to stop the industry becoming "a global laughingstock".

"Dairy industry is so profitable and so secure, it shouldn't need to play the victim card because of its role in Australia's economy," he said.

"This is a government that is looking for the least controversial issue to do a public relations push and try to spin off from a big issue."
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